Food & Beverages

Our emphasis at Eagle’s Nest is on local Thai food and home-style living. Life on the island is laid-back and guests are encouraged to feel free to open the fridge and take whatever they fancy.

There is an honesty wine and beer bar. For meals just notify the staff what you would prefer and a time, and delicious and healthy fare will be prepared for you.

Equally, if you want you can visit the local food market with our cook and participate in creating dishes. We highly recommend an afternoon at Mina’s Thai cookery school where you can learn about all the fresh and medicinal herbs that are used in Thai food as well as brushing up your repertoire of dishes to make on your return home.

Guests may either order from the provided villa menu or give individual specific requests for food items. All food and drink at the villa are charged at a flat rate of cost price + 20%.

Due to the nature of the villa, restaurant style ordering is not available (different food for each guest) but Thai-style meals, where shared dishes are placed in the centre of the table for sharing is a wonderful way to experience a variety of delicious local treats.